Small Scale Garden Redesign

We have worked in some of the same gardens for over 20 years - from the initial planting to today. As you can imagine, those gardens have changed dramatically in that time. While our focus is ongoing care for established gardens, sometimes strategic upgrades are needed. Our expertise is in highlighting what is already working well and improving those spots that just aren't anymore. Improve a view from a window, front walkway, seating area Replacement - whether it died, got too big or you never liked it
Add color, contrast, textureMore drought tolerant choicesMore low maintenance choicesProvide screeningNatives/Pollinators
While we think almost all plants are beautiful, we are most fond of natives and pollinator friendly plants. It is easy to upgrade any part of the garden - especially a lawn or a street strip - with plants to attract more wildlife - bees, butterflies and birds - especially hummingbirds.

Small Scale Garden redesign 1
Small Scale Garden redesign 2
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