Residential Garden Management

We have spent over 20 years caring for gardens at all different levels. We craft our care specifically to your garden and your needs. Whether you are a passionate gardener who just needs a little extra help or a busy family that just wants to enjoy their garden without the work, we can create a maintenance plan that works for you and your budget.

Small Scale Garden Redesign

We have worked in some of the same gardens for over 20 years - from the initial planting to today. As you can imagine, those gardens have changed dramatically in that time. While our focus is ongoing care for established gardens, sometimes strategic upgrades are needed. Our expertise is in highlighting what is already working well and improving those spots that just aren't anymore. Improve a view from a window, front walkway, seating area Replacement - whether it died, got too big or you never liked it


Our focus is always what is best for the health of the plant. Our pruning practices are in alignment with Plant Amnesty and the Master Pruners curriculum of the Washington Arboretum. We also have experience with rehabilitation/renovation pruning so if someone turned your favorite shrub into a lollipop - we can help!


We think the best way to have a healthy garden is to have healthy soil and healthy soil starts with regular compost mulching. Mulching the garden on a regular basis decreases weeding, improves plant health without chemical fertilizers and also retains water in the soil, making plants more resilient to drought stress. We have found regular mulching to be one of the most beneficial practices for any garden, actually reducing maintenance time in the future.


Want to grow some of your own food? Or maybe you just don't want to run to the store every time you need a little bit of herb for a recipe. We can customize your garden - from just a few pots to a whole edible landscape. Many of our clients are realizing they value this over a lawn or street strip. Raised beds can make sure they are safe from dog traffic.


Add up all the knowledge and experience within our crew and we have almost a century of gardening know-how.
We love to share that knowledge - whether it is coaching proper pruning practices, helping with plant choices or making smart changes that lower the amount of care your garden needs. We welcome all gardening questions and if we don't know, we know how to find out. We have developed many contacts in the industry and coordinate complete Landscape Management for estates


Finding a replacement concept for a lawn can be difficult depending on the exposure and required
traffic constraints but we are developing ideas. Often it is just best to create larger planted
beds and a pathway or sitting area.


"My garden has never looked as nice as it does now. I can enjoy it without my landscaping screaming at me for attention. Kim, Stefany and their crew are each extremely knowledgeable horticulturalists. I’m a meticulous gardener and I appreciate their attention to detail. THANK YOU Essential Gardeners!"

Nancy Steel

The mulch looks great, what a wonderful difference it makes, as does the rest of the north side of the garden. I wasn’t the least bit tempted to do it myself since I knew you’d be coming back to finish the job, and did it better and faster than I ever could, no doubt. I am so glad I found you! Your work has made all the difference in how our garden looks this spring compared to last, and that’s a good thing!

"We recently hired Essential Gardeners to do for general yard clean-up, hedge pruning, and installation of a gravel path. Kim at Essential Gardeners responded quickly to our inquiries, was organized and reliable, and really understood what we wanted. We have a mixed perennial garden with many native plants, and his crew knew which plants to cut back to the ground, which to thin, and which to leave alone. They struck the perfect balance between tidying up and keeping it looking natural. We would recommend Kim and his crew to friends and family."

Megan and Dave S.

"Both Kirm and I wanted to say thanks so much for all the work you and your team did in our garden. It’s a rare time that folk come in to work with both knowledge and a great work ethic. And did I mention how personable and helpful everyone was. The work you did was wonderful and the garden looks so much better. Thank you thank you. We will recommend you to everyone who is looking for fine gardeners. Tell Rick everything looked great after he finished."

Lexi and Kim.

"Thank you for making the garden look fabulous for my board meeting. If you ever want more business let me know. "


"Kim and EG crew! You are beyond amazing! You have made me one HAPPY gal! Thanks to you my garden is actually a garden again, is bringing me joy, peace, and looking forward to enjoying the season! "


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